Henry 'Baecker' Baker I

02/24/1753  To  09/04/1827

     Born: Hesse-Cassell, Germany

     Died: Sugarcreek Twp, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

 Married: in Pennsylvania

        Margaret Funk (widow)1761 To 10-06-1825

     Born: Ireland   

     Died: Sugarcreek Twp, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

   Buried: First Reformed church cemetery, Shanesville, Tuscarawas, Ohio


     "Henry Baker (Baecker) was born in Hesse-Cassell Germany January 24th 1753, a son of a family with many children.  It was the custom in Germany that all strong men between the ages of 18 to 21 were compelled to serve in the Army.  While he was serving his term in this capacity, he was loaned to England, who sent the young German to quell the Rebellion in America.  A large number of English Grenadiers and Hessians were sent to Trenton on the Delaware river under the command of Colonel Ralle.  Washington and his cold, starving soldiers were stationed on the west bank making preparations to move south.  Suddenly on the 25th of December he re-crossed the Delaware river in a snow storm and in the early morning of the 26th, he surprised and captured the British soldiers and about 1500 Hessians.  Among those were Henry Baker and his friend and comrade, Ernest Kuhn.

     These 2 men served as cooks in Washington's army at Morristown during the winter of 1776.  In the spring of 1777,one night they ran away from the Army and started westward through Pennsylvania.  They traveled at night and rested during the day, concealed in the underbrush of the woods.  They suffered much from cold and hunger and on the 3rd day they came across a small dog in the woods. They seized the dog, slaughtered and cooled it and ate it declaring afterwards that it was one of the best tasting meals they ever ate.  They finally located near Berlin in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  After working for farmers and saving their small earnings, they married and purchased small tracts of land.  Henry Baker married a widow by the name of Funk who was born in Ireland in 1761.  To this union were born 4 children, Catherine, Elizabeth, Maria and Henry."

Taken From

"the Centennial History and Atlas of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, 1908"

published in New Philadelphia in 1908.

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