Took 3 weeks to dig using my Troy-Bilt for it rained every 2 days and the rain caused delays.
Finished Planting on Saturday the 23rd except the second crop of green beans
Finished the gate on May 26th
One can also see that I have the whole fence bottom buried 6 inches into the ground.
Garden In June 2009
4th & Last Picking Of This Years Beans  
Lost 3/4 of Corn on July 28 To Heavy Rain Storm.  About 3" In Just 1/2 Hour.
September 09 Garden's Last Breath
Next to Last Picking Of Bell Peppers
Last Harvest From Garden 09 Green Bell Pepper Plants Last Thing Standing
Will Open This Whole Gate End And Putting The Garden To Bed For The Winter Soon.
That Will Be The Final Photo For 2009 Of The Garden.