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Individual biographical text for Thomas Pennick

Thomas Pennix was a soldier in the Revolution. Thomas Pennick, private, was in Capt. Jacob Bond's company of Harford County [Maryland] Militia in 1775.  In 1776, he was a signer of the "Association of Freeman", Upper Spesutie 100 [Maryland].  He was on the list of "Rangers on the Frontiers, 1778 -1783" for Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  He marched with Crawford on the ill-fated Sandusky Expedition.

Individual research note for Thomas Pennick

On the 1798 tax list for Fallowfield Twp, Washington Co, PA, Thomas Pennix and a Joseph Pennix both appear.  In 1800, Thomas was in Fallowfield, and a Moses Phenix was in Nottingham Twp.

 Individual footnote for Catharine (Frump?)

Swede's Church, Philadelphia (Early Pennsylvania Marriages, p. 484) shows a Thomas Penen/Catharine Frump marriage on 30 April 1784.  The final "n" in Penen may actually be an "x" as has been noted on other occasions with this family.
Event Research Note:  marriage event on 15 Mar 1769
       This relationship is likely, but not proven.
Event Research Note:  marriage event on 30 Apr 1784
       This marriage would fit with known information, but is not proven.

Event Note: Will event on 01 Dec 1824

        Washington County SS  Be it remembered that on the 14th day of October A.D.1825 before one Saml Cunningham Deputy Register for the probate of Wills and granting letters of Administration in and for Said County. Came James Richard, and Levi Bedell two of the subscribing Witnesses to the within last will and Testament of Thomas Pinnix decd who being sworn sayeth that they were present and did see the Testator thereof make his mark to the Will and did hear him publish pronouce and declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament That at the time of his so doing he was of sound and disposing mind memory and understanting to the best of their knowledge  Observation and belief And sworn to and subscribed before me Saml Cunningham Dy Regr James Richards Levi Beadell October 14th 1825 Letters Testamentary with Copy of the Will and probate annexed issued to Parker Scott Executer within named who on same day was duly sworn Saml Cunningham Dy Regr

         The last will and testament of Thomas Pinnix of Washington County and State of Penslv. Witness I Thomas Pinix considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind & memory Blessed be to the Almity god for the same I do make & publish this my last will & testament in manner & form as follows First.   I recomend my soul to god and my body to the dust from whence it came to be berried in a Cristane like manner -- Secondly I will that all my just debts be paid as shall be by me owing at my death to gather with my funeral expences and all Charges touching the proving of or other wis concerning this my will shall be paid out of my Estate --- Item first I will that my Plantation shall be Rented out for the maintanenes of my wife Catherine Pinnix till her disease Item second  I will & bequeath unto my Daughter Casandarey Pearce an Equeal shair of my Real & personel Estate --- Item 3rd I will and bequeath Unto the sons & daughters of my son Wm Pinnix that is now dead & Equeal share of my Real & personal Estate -- ^ as a father part Item 4th I will & bequeath unto my daughter Mary Brant an Equeal Share of my Real & personal Estate -- Item 5th I will & bequeath Unto my son Jacob Pinnix an Eaqueal share of my Real & personal Estate -- Item 6th I will & bequeath Unto Catharine Pinnix The daughter of my son Edward Pinnix that is now dead one dollar -- Item 7th I will & bequeath unto my son John Pinnix an Equeal Share of my Real & personal Estate, and Personal Property be Freed---- and lastley I will that after my Death my Personal Estate be apprased & sold and after the death of my wife Catherine That my Plantation be sold & the money be Divided among my Ares as before stated .    Lastley I will & ordain Parker Scott Esqr of The County & state aforesaid to be my Executor of this my Last will & Testament N B Item 3rd Entertined Wm Pinnixes ares to be only Fathers Part before Sined

        In testamoney whearof I have set my hands  Seal this first day of December
in The Year of our Lord 1824 Thomas his  Pinnix mark Seal ........................
Sined Sealed published and declared by the above named Thomas Pinnix to be
his last will and testament in the preasants of us who at his Request and in
his preasants have subcribed our names as witness thare unto Fisher White James Richards Levi Beadell

        Proceeds of Thomas Pinnix's estate were as follows: Cassandra Pearce $75
Jacob Pinnix $75 Ezra Brant $75 John Pinnix $75 Heirs of Wm Pinnix decd  9
$75 M. Leatherman Guardian [for Catharine dau of Edward Penix decd] $1

        Among the charges to Thomas Penix's' estate was a subscription for $2.00 to the
Methodist Meeting House.