My name is Charles Leland Penix

5th G Grandson Thomas Penix

        I have developed this homepage for those of you who wish to view some REAL OLD to new photos of the Penix Family.  I acquired these photos through inheriting. 
       Unfortunately I can only identify back to Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Penix.  I am hoping that one of the reasons you are visiting would be to help me identify some of the older photos from Joseph on back.
       I have photos that are old "Tintype" and old "Hard Card".
     Though the photos found here are from me .....Credit for the Direct History Of My Thomas Penix Line is given to Jessie Underwood, Bob Adams, Don Penix (Their Photos
can be found at this link), and Elaine Morris.  Without their work you would not be obtaining the gedcom file on the Thomas Penix Line, nor all of the True History of Thomas
and the above links to viewing and obtaining the other Penix Tree gedcoms and info found on
the Family Tree DNA sites.

For information about Tintype Photography introduced to the
United States in 1853 by Adolph Alexander Martin and which only lasted
2-4 years, use the icon below.

A page that links directly to Tintype History

Inherited Tintype Photo Albums

TinType Album Bound Of Leather Covered Wood Tintype and Hard Card Photo Album Bound Of Leather Covered Wood


Penix Family Bible Presented To Joseph Penix And Marry Elizabeth Smith Upon Their Marriage November 20, 1881.  Bound Of Gold Engraved Leather Covered Wood. 
The Records Inside Can Be Found On This Page:

       If you are here to help identify YOUR and my ancestors photos, then all you have to do is click on the Unidentified icon below.  This will take you to a page setup for the Unidentified photos.
      If you are here to look at the Photos of Joseph and Mary on down to my son and my brother Fred's son, then click on the Identified Icon, and this will take you to the Identified photos.
      If you can Identify any of the ones on the Unidentified page please do so and I will move them to the Identified page.  To do this just save the image to your drive and email me with the jpeg attached, and in the message body include the name of who is in the photo.

Enough reading!! didn't come here for that.  :>))

Below is a collection of photos I have taken. Both with regards to the Camp 14 of Col. Henry Bouquet and his campaign against Chief Pontiac, the views of the Old Penix Farm, and what I have taken of my own house now as a month to month photo series of flowers blooming form March to November.